StayTeen: Assisting Youths Prepare Informed Decisions Regarding Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, has become the #1 website for adolescents, encouraging them to delight in their youth making life’s most significant alternatives, like when to make love, if they’re completely ready, and with a revamped appearance, they are carrying out that better than actually ever.

When teenagers wish someplace to visit understand intercourse, maternity, relationships and the like, they do not really check-out government websites. They demand someplace of one’s own, which can be why had been created.

For the past nine many years, keep Teen has been the go-to reference for adolescents, a special i’m all over this the net simply for all of them in which they could get information that relates to the problems they love by far the most without causing them to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Now, keep Teen is debuting a whole new appearance and some fresh features, with a significant focus being well quality content.

“we are really stoked up about it because we have learned really as to what our audience needs and wants, and we’ve specially placed an emphasis on society,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, director of communications. “we all know young adults want to mention this stuff, however in a place that is safe and non-judgmental, therefore we made an actual effort on focusing on enabling kids to touch upon creating an area in which they are able to ask most questions and find out solutions.”

Stay teenage’s people range in ages from 13 to 17, nevertheless the site adjusts its posts according to the get older degree and situation. Commensurate with this motif, Stay teenage offer a lot more content that is authored by kids, such as subject areas like avoiding pregnancy until you’re ready, establishing healthy connections, handling breakups and more.

“all those conditions that deal with gender, interactions, dating and anything under that huge umbrella is actually everything we speak about, and now we try to focus on doing it such that is extremely teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika said.

We talked with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details as to what the brand new website entails, and the successful methods Stay Teen continues to provide.

Getting teens within the motorist’s seat

While Stay Teen’s most well known article is actually “may i conceive If…?” new website will take care of an even wider selection topics, for instance the risks of unsafe sex, how to choose ideal variety of contraceptive individually and ways to discuss those problems with the doctor.

“That post has actually truly shown us our target is checking out sex in addition to their sex, and they are undecided precisely what the outcomes tend to be using this conduct,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

Although not all things are altering.

Remain Teen still has some very nice functions having long been very useful to their market, such as their Health Center Finder that assists teens locate physicians close by therefore the system Explorer which allows teens to know about different forms of birth control and which one could work perfect for them.

“We believe this is actually beneficial to kids because a lot of the time, they don’t want their unique parents to learn they are acquiring birth prevention, so that they are attempting to determine a place they’re able to get that is cheap, non-judgmental and a few destination they can stroll or bus to,” she mentioned. “our very own objective is put teenagers from inside the motorist’s seat with teaching by themselves on various kinds of methods. Our message is we want that enjoy your teen decades and wait gender before you’re really ready, which could suggest when you are older.”

Bridging the space between adolescents and parents

From useful services to enjoyable video games to collaborative occasions, just like the 14th Annual National Day to avoid teenage Pregnancy that promotes individuals to consider how an unexpected maternity would change their unique lives, teenagers and parents alike are given a lot of good information by way of remain teenage.

“Teens are researching points that they failed to if not discover, and much more significantly, they are speaing frankly about this site the help of its pals, and their boyfriends and, believe it or not, through its moms and dads,” Sheets Pika mentioned. “our very own goal should have more open and honest discussions among adolescents and parents.”

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